Sara grew up on the east coast of Italy in the city of Ancona. She first rode a horse when she was just four years old on a family vacation in northern Italy, which is where her love of horses began.  Her mother encouraged her to try many types of sports, instruments, and activities when she was young. Sara asked to take horseback riding lessons when she turned eight years old. Just a year later, she gave up all other sports to pursue her passion for horses and give 100% of herself to the equestrian world. She went on to give up two other passions she had for horses: Conservatory as a pianist, and a law degree.

Sara was competing in international eventing when Johan Hinnemann, international dressage trainer from Germany, suggested that she specialize in dressage. Since switching disciplines in 2008, Sara has trained with Hinnemann and Olympians Coby Van Baalen, Marlies Van Baalen and Anna Merveldt.

In December 2019 Sara accepted the position as head trainer at North Texas Equestrian Center under the guidance of FEI Dressage rider and coach Kai Handt.

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