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Beginning in December 2015 Sara has been honored to represent Kep Italia

in the USA. 

This Italian brand offers high quality fashion helmets that are amongst the safest riding helmets in the world

Happy with the results at the “Texas Ros
I'm excited to announce the beginning of
🇮🇹Italian dressage rider based in Dall

As of January 2014 Sara became a proud ambassador of  Derby. 

This Dutch company produces high quality custom boots for every need and discipline and they ship worldwide.

Loving my new Derby dressage boots!!😍 T
Proud style ambassador of the Dutch comp
Happy happy birthday dear Antoine!!!😃🎂

Beginning in March 2021 Sara is excited to announce her partnership
with Custom Saddlery.
"Simply the Best Dressage Saddles in the Market"
stated by Olympic American rider Steffen Peters.

Sara and Shea.jpg

In March 2021 Sara began a partnership with the Dutch luxury company JUDI MANCHE specializing in high end custom browbands, stock ties, belts and other accessories for horses and riders all hand made with Swarovski crystals.


In 2021 Sara started a partnership with the Dutch company OneSwitch, the leader in Personal Training for all equestrian riders. They created the Rider Vitality Education Program and are active in many countries all around the world.

As of November 2021 Sara started representing the equestrian marketplace
The Horse Source
On The Horse Source you can sell and buy horses, tack, trailers, properties and list job opportunities.


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